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Why Choose AMA?

Why We're Different

Our commitment to providing small, energetic, and fun music classes is not only reflected in our curriculum but also in our intimate and personalized approach to teaching. When you step into Allegheny Music Academy, you'll immediately sense the knowledge and enthusiasm that infuses every class and lesson. We believe that music education is meant to be an enjoyable journey, and our instructors are dedicated to ensuring that each student not only learns but also has a great time doing so.

Whether you're a resident of the West Hills, or traveling from Pittsburgh or its neighboring areas, our location is easily accessible with plenty of parking, making it convenient for students of all backgrounds. Join us at Allegheny Music Academy in Coraopolis, and let our musical community inspire your growth and passion as an artist. Experience the joy of making music in an environment that combines the best of both worlds: a close-knit community and world-class music lessons and classes.

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