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Programs at Allegheny Music Academy

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Little & Big: Music for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Mt. Lebanon Location:  TBA

Coraopolis Location:  TBA

Music is so vital to a child's upbringing, but it's not always as simple as giving them piano lessons.  Oftentimes, opting for a lesson on an instrument isn't enough for your child's curiosity and artistic growth.  

Allegheny Music Academy has a solution!  We offer private and semi-private courses that focus on general music education, as opposed to more specific instrument lessons.  The courses, one designed for toddlers and kids in Pre-K, will teach your child a wide variety of concepts, such as rhythm, music history, and simple note reading.  Each course will be taught by a highly qualified music educator and an assistant   We keep our classes small so we can give each student the attention they deserve.

Check out our flyer on the side for more information, and feel free to send an email to Catherine at if you have any additional questions!

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Litte & Big

Ukulele Class

Coraopolis Location:  TBA

Is your child interested in learning the guitar or the bass?  Are they interested in writing songs and making music?  The ukulele is a great way to start, and Allegheny Music Academy is so excited to teach this entry-level course.  We will walk your child through the process of learning fingerings, rhythms, and strumming techniques, in a small group session.  Ukulele has a long history of group play, and this can be an awesome way to open your child up to music-making with others!

Feel free to send an email to Catherine at if you have any additional questions!

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Ukelele Class
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